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Wfse Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017

The University will also provide a copy of a fact sheet with the relevant collective agreements and contact information. The University will inform employees in writing when they leave a position in bargaining K. The University agrees that Stewards or Chief Stewards and WFSE representatives of the Union will have reasonable access to the premises. These visits are carried out in a way that does not interfere with the functioning of the university. If union administrators and employee representatives wish to meet with bargaining unit employees during working hours, they must make arrangements with the relevant supervisor(s) at least two (2) hours prior to their intention to visit a department, facility, employee or complainant of Washington State University. The University will request full funding from the Crown for all bargaining units added in accordance with the provisions of Article 5.1.B. All economic elements (wages and social benefits) must be financed by the state before these conditions are implemented. [Article pdf]* Original and unchanged version of Article 5, as approved by the GFO and signed on 30.06.2017. One. The Board is composed of one (1) employee representative from each bargaining unit, one representative from the WFSE and up to an equivalent number of university representatives. The University and the Union will be responsible for selecting their own representatives. The Contracting Parties may designate persons to act as alternates if necessary. B.