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Paris Climate Agreement India In Hindi

The Trump administration has officially begun the process of separating the Paris agreement and has informed the United Nations (UN). We know that once the process is complete, the United States will be the first country to withdraw from the agreement. According to President Trump, the country`s oil, gas and coal industry in the country`s oil, gas and coal industry will benefit the most from the decision of the United States (one of the world`s highest emitters of greenhouse gases). But this decision by the United States has brought the issue of elections between development and the environment back to the fore. Currently, almost the entire world is facing the climate change crisis. The earth`s temperature rises faster, the weather changes and the glaciers are constantly melting. Experts say the Trump administration`s decision has amplified the international community`s challenge to combat the threat of climate change. India, the world`s third-largest emitter of CO2, today approved the historic Paris climate agreement, bringing hope for its implementation by the end of the year. Renewable power plants create almost twice as many jobs as coal-fired power plants. Thus, Stratus can be very effective in a country like India, where the government faces the challenge of providing jobs to human nurseries. It should be noted here that coal-fired power plants provide more jobs through coal mining, etc., to unskilled workers, while power plants such as solar power have jobs for skilled craftsmen. Outgoing US President Barack Obama has warned newly elected US President Donald Trump not to reverse international decisions such as the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate change agreement, and said many efforts had been made to sign the landmark agreements.