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Outside General Counsel Retainer Agreement

For companies with internal advice For companies without a company, there are usually two types of general counsel: “Inhouse (or corporate) counsel,” or “out-side General Counsel.” In House Counsel is an employee of the company and works exclusively for that company. For most small businesses, internal consultation can be inse with little practice. Most small businesses do not have enough legal problems to justify the cost of hiring a full-time consultant. At Fremstad Law, however, we focus on providing external general advice services and can do so on a fixed or fixed hourly basis. Please contact us at 701-478-7620 so we can begin the learning process for your business and help you determine what type of relationship is best for your business. – review of insurance contracts and advice in case of insurance coverage disputes; It is much more advantageous to hire a small contractor as a part-time general counsel for a monthly flat fee covering certain tasks, regardless of their duration. Beverly Hills Law Corp., PC offers this valuable service for Los Angeles and California small contractor through its legal underwriting program. If you decide to hire a general or part-time lawyer or an outside lawyer relationship with a lawyer, there are certain things you are looking for and want to make sure that the agreement is in the agreement you are entering into. This is often referred to as a storage contract or fee agreement. Lawyers usually only act when the client is faced with a problem.

Too often, a lawyer reacts when a client does not contact us until a big problem arises. Too often, it causes more damage and costs more money than it takes. If we are able to act as “home counsel” or “external general counsel” for our corporate clients, we are able to continuously access the legal landscape to make informed and proactive decisions to protect the client from liability and other major issues before they occur. By being proactive and non-reactive, we can avoid legal problems before they occur. We also help our clients formulate business strategies, and then help C-Suite executives implement these strategies, while coordinating the provision of a comprehensive set of legal services.