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Optical Materials Author Agreement Form

In order to make your first filing process as simple as possible and to make it easier for drafters and arbitrators to verify your manuscript, we only need one document containing the manuscript and the numbers, as well as all the media support files for the first submission. The document can be found in MS Word, LaTeX or PDF. The characters and their captions should be placed inside the manuscript, close to the first mention of each character in the text. Individual character files and source manuscripts are then requested after revision in one of the acceptable formats. When you submit a revised manuscript, you can download a single file .zip containing the manuscript and image files. Rights and privileges: Prior to submission, authors should receive all necessary authorizations, authorizations and licenses for submission and publication. Upon adoption, authors are required to transfer copyright to SPIE or to enter into a license authorizing SPIE to publish the document in the case of open access documents published under Creative Commons CC BY license. Disclosure: If a manuscript (or part of a manuscript) has been published in advance as part of a conference procedure or considered as part of a conference procedure for publication, this information must be disclosed when the manuscript is first submitted to a SPIE journal. Authors should also refer to or acknowledge the previous procedural document in the article of the journal submitted. Submissions from editors or editorial members are processed by an unsym drafted member to ensure that these submissions receive an objective and impartial assessment. Information about the verification process for these submissions is published from the perspective of the editors who author the document in the journal`s online filing and verification system.

Paternity should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the design, design, realization or interpretation of the research study. All those who have made significant contributions should have the opportunity to be cited as authors. Other individuals who participated in the study should be recognized, but not identified as authors. Sources of financial assistance to the project should be disclosed. Preprints Please note that preprints can be shared anytime and anywhere, in accordance with Elsevier`s authorization policy. The output of your z.B. preprints on a Preprint server does not count as a previous publication (for more information, see “Multiple, redundant or simultaneous publication”). References There are no strict requirements for reference formatting during transmission.

References can be made in any style or format, as long as the style is consistent. If applicable, the author`s name (s), the title or title of the book, the title of the chapter or the title of the article, the year of publication, the volume/book chapter, and the article or pagination number must be available. The use of DOI is strongly encouraged. The style of reference used by the journal applies to Elsevier`s accepted article in the evidenty phase.