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Learning Agreement Example Social Work

A learning agreement is an essential document that outlines the expectations and objectives of a social work student during their field placement. It serves as a blueprint for the student, the field instructor, and the academic advisor. In this article, we will provide an example of a learning agreement for social work students.

Learning Agreement Example for Social Work Students:


The purpose of this learning agreement is to define the objectives, expectations, and responsibilities of both the student and the field instructor for the social work field placement. This document reflects the mutual agreement between the student, the academic advisor, and the field instructor.


The objectives of this learning agreement are to:

1. Provide the student with an opportunity to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills in a real-world setting.

2. Enhance the student’s understanding of the social work profession and its principles.

3. Develop the student’s competence in the core competencies of social work practice.

4. Foster the student’s ability to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and other professionals.

5. Demonstrate the student’s ability to apply problem-solving skills to real-life situations.

6. Encourage the student’s self-reflection and self-awareness, and provide opportunities for their professional growth and development.

Expectations and Responsibilities of the Student:

The student is expected to:

1. Attend all scheduled field work hours and adhere to the agency’s policies and protocols.

2. Demonstrate professionalism, accountability, and ethical behavior in all interactions with clients, colleagues, and supervisors.

3. Complete all assigned tasks and responsibilities in a timely manner and at a satisfactory level of quality.

4. Seek regular feedback from the field instructor and academic advisor, and actively engage in the supervision process.

5. Attend all required educational seminars and meetings.

6. Adhere to the NASW Code of Ethics and the agency’s mission and values.

Expectations and Responsibilities of the Field Instructor:

The field instructor is expected to:

1. Provide a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment for the student.

2. Orient the student to the agency’s policies and protocols, and provide guidance and feedback on their work.

3. Assign tasks and responsibilities that are appropriate to the student’s level of competence and learning objectives.

4. Meet regularly with the student to provide supervision, support, and feedback.

5. Provide opportunities for the student to observe and participate in various aspects of social work practice.

6. Evaluate the student’s performance based on the criteria established in the learning agreement and provide feedback to the academic advisor.


A learning agreement is an essential tool for social work students to achieve their learning objectives and to ensure that the field placement is a meaningful and productive experience. It provides a structured framework for mutual understanding, communication, and evaluation. By adhering to the expectations and responsibilities outlined in this agreement, social work students can develop their professional skills and competencies and prepare themselves for a successful career in social work.