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Nzvif Shareholders Agreement

If these reasonable efforts are not successful, the Minister of Finance can establish a contract or other binding agreement for the custodians and the NCB. The parties also have the right to terminate or amend the agreement in accordance with the terms of the agreement (which we are likely to reflect as usual business practice). It is unusual for the parties to come together in this way. However, the custodians and the NZVIF are the two entities of the Crown, so it is a government that makes decisions about how it organizes itself. The models are designed for seed and Series A investment operations. These include an agenda, a long-form subscription contract and a shareholder contract, as well as a constitution. The $1.45 million agreement consists of two parties – the sale of our shares in Everedge to a new investor for $550,000 and a medium- and long-term debt contract with Everedge. This has no significant impact on the value we have for Everedge in our portfolio. The Declaration of Principles also allows ministers and custodians to jointly integrate other attitudes into the overall approach to investment. This provides the flexibility to adapt the overall approach to investment while compensating for the need for CCC`s custodians of management and management to be accountable in accordance with the overall approach to investment. Other recruitments and parameters may include the share of capital that can be committed to funds and businesses outside New Zealand, the minimum size of an eligible private fund, or how returns are shared and paid. The combined underwriting of NZVIF and the shareholders` pact were split into a separate reference agreement and a shareholders` pact. This is a positive step that follows international trends.

The reference contract can now be put in a drawer after the expiration of the claim period, so that the shareholder contract remains a living document beside the Constitution. Future investors need only review the shareholders` pact and the Constitution, simplifying the next investment cycle. 3.6. Was there an external consultation on the policies to be provided through this bill or a bill? 2.2. Is this bill intended to implement measures against New Zealand as part of an international treaty? Over the next few years, we added and amended our statement on investment policies and objectives, and then added a socially responsible investment policy that addresses environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Legislation is needed because the Guardians are a Crown standalone unit created under the New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001 (NZSRI Act) to manage and manage the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZSF).