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What Agreement Does Lord Capulet And Paris Reach

In search of Juliet After the party, Romeo will find Juliet. Meanwhile, Benvolio and Mercutio try to find him. They call, but if he doesn`t answer, they think he doesn`t want to be found. The Deaths of Romeo – JulietAm Capulet`s tomb, Paris, with its side, secretly lay flowers on Juliet`s grave. Romeo and Balthasar approach and Paris and his side hide. Romeo gives Balthasar a letter and asks him to deliver it to his father the next morning. Balthazar leaves, but secretly hides because he fears what Romeo`s intentions are. Rival FamiliesServants of rival families Capulet and Montague fight in the streets of Verona. Benvolio, a Montague, tries to stop the fight, but is attacked by Tybalt, a capulet. The prince of the city ends the brawl and threatens a harsh sentence to disturb the peace again. Lord Montague and Lady Montague ask Benvolio if their son Romeo was involved in the fight. They are concerned about his behaviour and want to know the cause of his grief. Benvolio discovers that Romeo is deeply in love with a girl, Rosaline, but she doesn`t like him in return.

Benvolio advises Romeo to forget Rosaline and look for other girls, but Romeo has praised his love for her. HELP, PLEASE!!! I`m really baffled by this question of Romeo and Juliet… I marked the answers that I “think” are correct, but I`m not sure. Please tell me what I did wrong and the right answer!?!?! 1. Why doesn`t she fire her nurse and mother and tell them she needs rest before her big day? When she is alone, Julia will think about what she will do. She fears that the potion will really kill her, or if she is alive, she worries about what it will be like to wake up in her grave. She ends up drinking the potion and falls into a deep sleep. Juliet – MarriageLady Capulet asks Julia what she thinks of a marriage with Paris. Julia says she`s not thinking about marriage yet, but agrees to take a look in Paris to see if she can love it. Juliet`s nurse is coming to talk to Romeo. Romeo is disturbed and worries about what Julia thinks of him.

Brother Lawrence asks Romeo to go to Juliet, but to go to Mantua before the next morning. Over time, once the news of their marriage is spread, the brother thinks Romeo can come back. Could you please answer Act 1 (verification is only 5 questions) 1.What warning does the Prince give to the Capulets and Montagues? Answer: The prince warns against the Capulets and Montague is that if someone fights, they will be killed. 2. What agreement did he reach between Paris and Julia`s father? Answer: Lord Capulet agrees to woo Julia from the Paris court and try to win her favour. 3. Why is Romeo going to the party? Answer: Romeo goes to the party to see his love Rosaline.