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Rebate Agreement Process

Finally, discounts are a way for the company offering the discount to protect itself against changes in order volume, since the economies of scale that initially fueled the discount offered may mean that the discount is no longer profitable with this new amount of orders. For example, a lower price per product may be more cost-effective if a company buys 10,000 items than if the company has purchased only 10, so discounts are a good way to ensure that the cheaper price is given to the customer only after the purchase, instead of giving the discount in advance as a reduced purchase price. Note: The `B3` billing method is the same as `G2`. Apart from that, we give the value “C” (partial compensation for a discount agreement). Discounts are essential for think tanks in different sectors, including building materials, electronics, retail and wholesale trade, and may be available in certain locations, products or product groups, and certain types of transactions. This means that they can become quite complex, which raises the question of whether they are so complicated, why do all these sectors need rebate programs? Updating the sales volume of an SAP discount agreement is an intense process. The VBOF transaction allows you to update the volume and add the qualifying invoice and the limits of an agreement. This may be an order within SAP. When the term of a surrender contract is over, it must be compensated and the cumulative rebate should be credited to the debtor`s account.

However, it is also possible to partially settle the discount agreement during its validity. Discount agreements are counted in the VB transaction (7). The account of SAP discount agreements is performed in The VB Transaction (7). When you create or change discount agreements, you can create conditions by selecting goto -> conditions to access the “Agreement Preview” screen. Enter the data needed to create a packaging dataset (for example. B rate of flow and conditioning). Select ENTER. – If you don`t enter value for the limit set, the system automatically offers the value you entered as a condition game. – To create a price scale for a condition game, select the condition game and select the scales. – To view or change the details of a condition game, select the condition game and select the details. Once you have done this, please continue with the maintenance of the condition registration for discounts (vbo transaction code1).