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Contract Law Issues in the News

Contract Law Issues in the News

Contract law is a vital aspect of our society. It governs the way businesses, organizations, and individuals enter into legally binding agreements. Contract law issues have been making headlines lately, and this article will explore some of the most significant contract law stories in the news.

1. Apple and Epic Games Battle Over App Store Fees

In August 2020, Epic Games, the maker of the popular video game Fortnite, filed a lawsuit against Apple. The dispute began when Epic implemented a direct payment system within the Fortnite app, bypassing Apple`s 30% commission on all in-app purchases. Apple responded by removing Fortnite from the App Store, and Epic promptly filed a lawsuit alleging that Apple`s practices violated antitrust laws.

The case raises important contract law issues, including whether Apple`s fees are reasonable and whether it has a monopoly over the app market. It also highlights the importance of carefully reviewing app store terms and conditions before signing on as a developer.

2. Elon Musk`s Twitter Feud with the SEC

In 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Tesla CEO Elon Musk with securities fraud after he tweeted that he had secured funding to take Tesla private. The SEC argued that Musk`s tweet was false and misleading and that he had not obtained the necessary funding.

The case raises important issues around social media and securities law. It also underscores the need for companies and executives to exercise caution when making public statements that could impact their stock prices.

3. TikTok`s Ban by the U.S. Government

In September 2020, the U.S. government announced a ban on TikTok, a popular video-sharing app owned by Chinese company ByteDance. The ban was based on concerns over national security and the potential for the Chinese government to access user data. The ban was later put on hold amidst ongoing negotiations.

The case raises important issues around privacy and national security. It also highlights the importance of carefully reviewing contracts with third-party vendors and understanding the potential risks involved.


The above cases illustrate the importance of having a basic understanding of contract law, whether you are a business owner, app developer, or CEO. It is critical to understand the terms and conditions of any agreement you enter into, especially those with significant legal implications. By doing so, you can protect your interests and ensure that you are operating within the bounds of the law.