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Cctv Service Level Agreement Format

The ALS must also include callout and reporting procedures. These are the response times for the number of callouts required per month, call-out rates, spare parts that should be kept on site or at the service provider, and the employment card and protocol process. And that leads to the issue of media coverage. One of the important points Malan made during the presentation was the need for a defined maintenance program, not just to rely on a service provider on a call-out basis. This will not only help ensure that your system works optimally at all times, but it will also be less expensive than asking for a call every time something goes wrong – or simply ignoring the problems until they are large enough and sufficient to justify an appeal fee. To do this, he suggests setting the service you need first. Do you need someone to clean the cameras once a month? How about checking the camera firmware for updates? How about making sure the cameras tell exactly where they need to go? What about servers and computers in the control room – who maintains and updates them? These and many other issues need to be clearly outlined in the ESA. For more information, please contact Camsecure, 27 (0)11 781 1341, francois@camsecure.co.za, www.camsecure.co.za François Malan, MD of Camsecure, has extensive experience in installing and maintaining surveillance solutions in South Africa, Africa and the Middle East. He joined iLegal in 2016 to make a presentation that focused specifically on the nature of a maintenance program and what companies should ensure they include in their ALS (service level contract) with their service provider. He also advised companies to look beyond the legal contracts that make up most of these contracts and, often, to ensure that no one within the client or service provider knows what to do.

Make sure your operational requirements are clearly stated in the ALS; Waffles lead to poor service and endless misunderstandings. Too often, word of mouth maintenance and ALS reports are conducted when the service provider meets with the appropriate manager. The ALS must take into account, if necessary, monthly or monthly reports as well as documentation relating to each system installed, all work done and changes made. Facilities or the safety manager (or manager) must also ensure that service standards and equipment performance are defined and documented in the contract. The company is also expected to set performance and maintenance standards and measure this year.