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Alabama Joint Purchase Agreement

Members of the State Department of Education (SDE) and the Local Education Agency (LEA) may acquire under this agreement. If you are an institution with the option to purchase under several contracts, you must confirm that the account under which you place your order is linked to the contract. www.purchasing.alabama.gov/pages/active_contracts.aspx Code of Alabama 1975, Section 41-16-21.1: Joint Sales Contracts If you have questions, if you want more details about the agreements available or if you feel that the agreements mentioned above do not apply to you and that you need an alternative option, please contact the apple Contracts team at contracts@apple.com. You`ll find service options, including AppleCare, on Apple`s support page. 2. There is nothing in this subsection that prohibits or limits public institutions of four years to enter into joint sales contracts for the sale, leasing or leasing of materials, equipment, supplies, other personal property and services leased by a group or consortium of public authorities or a group purchasing organization inside or outside the State of Alabama, where the institution has found that these sales contracts are in the best interests of the institution; However, if this subdivision does not authorize agreements to purchase, lease or lease wireless communications equipment or services by a group or consortium of public organizations or through a group purchasing agency. Are you a buyer for your institution? Sign up or sign up for the Apple Online Store to buy online today! c. The purchase is made through a participating alabama seller who holds a commercial license from Alabama if such a supplier is present. one. Goods or services purchased are available following a competitive bidding process by a public body and approved by the Department of Alabama for each offer. This code only applies to the following political subdivisions: Releases: 16.01.2019 Question deadline: 25.01.2019 Bid Opening: 19.02.2019 Results Announced: 03/0 4/4/2019 Stitches: 03/04/2019 – 28.02.2020 Self-renewal: 03/01/2020 Optional extension: TBD institutionorders@apple.com (Education) govorders@apple.com (government) . Click here for approval Letter from the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts www.eandi.org/contract-finder/?list=contract-categories Alabama Department of Finance, Division of Purchasing Alabama Fire College Alabama State University Athens University Auburn University at Montgomery Jacksonville State University Troy University of Alabama University of Alabama University of Alabama – Birmingham University of North Alabama University of West Alabama